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How To Retain Learning?

“Learning is the process that undergoes throughout our lifetime. Because we will always remain students in the school of life.”

You might have heard many times that a person should never stop learning. Surely, learning new things help us to grow not only professionally but personally as well.

However, what comes as a barrier in our learning process is to retain those learnings?

You might have found yourself forgetting things in a short while or being zoned out while recalling and studying?

If this is the scenario with you, then you are in the right place.

Healing Studioz has bought some extraordinary ways to retain your learning in very effortless ways. So, are you ready to be a genius? (You don’t need to be the Einstein for that, but of course, being a better learner will take you to the new opportunities that are waiting for you.)

Tip #1 - Meditate

The word meditate has some amazing positive powers in it. We hope you can also feel it by just pronouncing the word ‘meditate.’

Memory is just like the notepad of our brain where the new information and data gets for just a short while. It is up to you that you need it to be the permanent resident of your brain or not.

But remember, the same memory is required every day, so make your choice wisely.

The story doesn’t end here, you can elevate your memory power and space by simple meditation. Meditating daily for good 30 minutes can strengthen your memory.

You can also book 7 day free meditation session with Healing Studioz.

Tip #2 - Sleeping Schedules

Your sleeping schedule absolutely affects the major part of your life, from which one is your memory. Since sleep is when most of your memory consolidation process occurs. Thus, without enough sleep, you will surely struggle to recall things.

Even in your most tiring days, short naps can do wonders for you.

According to research, napping seems to push memories to the neocortex, the brain’s permanent storage that prevents it from being “overwritten.”

Therefore, now you don’t need an excuse to nap. If you want to work on your memory than this can be an effective tip.

"Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you'll ever have is your mind and what you put into it."

-Albert Einstein.

Tip #3 - Participate In Group Discussions

Discussing what you have learned, either immediately or after a few hours will help to keep your learnings into a line that makes its process foster.

Not just for the adults, even the students can indulge in some group discussions.

Research shows that group discussion can improve student engagement, and work as a long-term retention plan.

So, try to involve in group discussions. It not only works in easy retention but helps you to gain new perspectives about a certain topic. However, anyway socializing always benefits the individual.

Tip #4 - Read Out Loud

Readout loud is surely our school time mantra that is helping the people to retain the learning from ages.

However, the researchers have stated that people tend to remember things when they read out loud. It is said that when we read out something loud than it becomes distinctive as we take up the power of our two senses, reading, and hearing.

Caution- Don’t try this in a public library.

Tip #5 - Embrace Your Mistakes

Of course, no one likes to make mistakes intentionally. But according to the researchers making mistakes while learning something new can benefit you.

Scientists have found that our attitude towards mistakes predicts how much we will learn from them. All intelligent individuals have somehow made mistakes and learned from them that’s why they are popular for their memory.

Try to analyze your mistake and take it sportingly.


“A learning curve is essential for growth.”

With the above-listed tips, work on retention learning and elevate your efficiency rate.

Learn More, Grow More!

To know more amazing tips like these, reach to our team now.

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