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About Healing Studioz

Your Journey to Healing and Transformation Begins Here

To empower individuals on their journey to holistic well-being and spiritual transformation. Our purpose is to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for self-discovery and growth, facilitating healing, self-love, and inner peace. We aspire to create a global community of awakened and conscious individuals who harmonize their lives and contribute to a more compassionate world.

Our Story

Once upon a time, amidst the cacophony of the world, a profound longing for inner peace and a deeper connection emerged. This longing led us to embark on a transformative journey—a journey filled with experiences, insights, and growth that we now share with you.


At Healing Studioz, our story is a testament to the profound transformation that can occur when you take the path less traveled, where spirituality, self-discovery, and holistic healing converge. Our journey is one of awakening, learning, and evolving. It's a testament to the remarkable power of the human spirit to transcend limitations and embrace the boundless possibilities of existence.

Meet The Team

Monomita's Miraculous Healing Journey With Us



Meet Monomita, a 35-year-old woman who had been grappling with unexplained chronic pain and overwhelming anxiety for several years. Despite seeking conventional medical treatment, her suffering persisted. Desperate for relief, she embarked on a journey of alternative healing.

Healing Approach with Healing Studioz:

Monomita reached out to Healing Studioz, seeking paranormal and holistic healing. Our dedicated team of healers and paranormal experts conducted a thorough energy assessment, which revealed unresolved emotional trauma and blocked energy centers. We recommended a multi-faceted approach, including Reiki, chakra balancing, and regression therapy, to address her emotional and physical issues.


After a series of sessions guided by Marifa Avi, Monomita experienced an extraordinary shift. Her once-debilitating pain began to fade, and her anxiety gradually receded. During a past-life regression therapy session, Monomita courageously confronted deep-seated emotional wounds. Acknowledging and addressing these wounds initiated profound healing, leading to her ultimate transformation.


Monomita's life was profoundly changed. Her pain dissipated, her anxiety was manageable, and she found a sense of inner peace she had longed for. She attributes her healing to the holistic approach provided by Healing Studioz, combining the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of her well-being.

Monomita's case serves as a testament to the incredible potential of paranormal and holistic healing methods when guided by a compassionate and gifted soul like Marifa Avi. It demonstrates that deep transformation is achievable when we address the multifaceted nature of our existence.

What She Said:

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