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How To Improve Your Relations?

“Relationships are the core essence of our lives.”

We all have some or other beautiful relationships in our lives that keep us strong and make us feel alive. Right?

The relationship doesn’t only depict the bond between the couples, rather it depicts the bond the attachment that we share with each other.

It could be any, like father and daughter relationship, brother and sister relationship and many more.

We all are tangled and tied with an unseen yet so strong bond with each other called relationships.

However, what is required to cherish these relationships forever, is to maintain the same bond throughout. Don’t worry! It is not a very tough task but can be complex sometimes.

So, to make your relationships healthy and happening as before, the SampoornMe team has come up with some practices that you can try while working on your relations.

Tip #1 - Be A Good Listener

The majority population loves to be a good speaker rather than being a good listener. However, this can sometimes be the main issue of conflicts between your relations.

So, it is time to work on your listening skills and be a good listener for someone whose existence matters to you. According to human nature, we tend to bond with the people who listen to us and love to spent time with us.

Tip #2 - Trust Other People

Trust is the most important pillar of any relationship. We often find trusting someone hard because of our past experiences.

Not just the romantic relationships, all relationships like businesses, family, and others require this pillar to support the relationship.

Having no trust means having a car without petrol. Trust issues are one of the biggest problems faced in any kind of relationship.

It actually makes you fall into a relationship full of worries about what the other person is doing, saying and thinking when you are not around.

Yes! It makes you feel like typical daily soap villains. Doesn’t sounds good, right?

Therefore, trust the other person fully as you never know what is coming next to your relationship.

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.” — Thomas Merton

Tip #3 - Be A Giver

This is the harsh truth that the relationships include give and take policy to make the perfect balance in it.

However, we are always looking to gain something from people. It could be any gift, positive emotions, appreciation and what not.

This is the main issue of why disputes occur in any relationship. If you are expecting something from the other side, don’t forget he/she is a human too.

Invest your time, share some nice compliments and give value to the other person and see the change.

Tip #4 - Be Consistent With Your Emotions

People having fewer mood swings tend to maintain a strong relationship for a long time.

Regardless of how we are feeling, we need to put them temporarily aside and need to listen to what the other person has to say to us.

Don’t just pretend, involve in the relationship fully.

Surely, the other person will appreciate this trait of yours and will likely grow a forever bond with you.

Tip #5 - Be Open & Share It With The Other Person

Good relationship builders are those who share the feelings and their thoughts to the other person as they are expressing it in the mirror.

Sharing your real emotions won’t harm anyone, rather it will make your relation stronger and honest.

Remember don’t overshadow someone’s situation with your experiences. Give everyone their space to express themselves.


The world is growing rapidly and the most important thing that is lacking behind in this swift speed is our relations.

Individually you can’t conquer the world. You will always require your well-wishers i.e. your relations by your side to face the society strongly.

You need to be a good person first to indulge in some good relations.

So, connect with Healing Studioz team and get the secret about how to work on your relations more effortlessly now.

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