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How To Control Your Anger?

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up to sixty seconds of peace of mind.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anger is one of the most common human emotions that you can witness in almost every individual in this world.

Though anger is a normal feeling and can sometimes be a positive trait too. But it gets on the wrong track when it gets on your nerves i.e. beyond your control and turns destructive.

Surely, anger can be a person’s biggest strength and worst trait but in the end, what matters is how you cope and express your anger.

Therefore, it is important to know the anger control tricks, so that your anger couldn’t backfire you.

Are you ready to control your most powerful emotion? Continue Reading.

5 Tips To Keep Anger At Bay

1. Find The Reason Why You Are Angry?

Anger can be an instinct reaction and there can be numerous reasons behind this reaction.

So, the first tip you can do is to find out the reason behind your anger. If you are not sure about it, go in the flashback and try to pinpoint all the things you have performed that have turned your mood off.

Out of numerous reasons, some of them can be:

  • Due to a lot of pressure

  • Unfair behavior of someone

  • Hormonal changes- mood swings

  • Frustrated and annoyed with the things happening in your life.

If you try this as the first step then you can easily conquer your anger at a very initial stage and can prevent it from getting into destruction or harm.

2. Count

Try to go back to your childhood days and start counting to 100 calmly.

This is surely a very kiddish and basic trick but works amazingly and cease the big fights easily.

This is actually playing with your mind, thinking of something other than the topic you are angry about can heal your mind and avoid blowing of the fuse.

However, sometimes it is good to be a kid again.

3. Talk To A Friend

A best friend is always the first and last person who can help you to solve your issue.

So, how about having some insane yet soothing talks with your best friend?

Talking to someone you trust about how you have been feeling can weight off your heart, mind, and soul.

If you don’t trust anyone, go and ask a kid how he/she is feeling. Their adorable talks will make you listen to them and take you to some wonderland. Give it a try!

4.Try Empathy Attitude

Try to walk in other’s persons’ shoes and see the world with their perspective.

When you will live and understand the situation with their perception, chances increase that your anger gets end at that very moment.

Also, this will work in your favor as you will get to learn and grow with different perceptions.

5. Play your favorite playlist

For all the music freaks!

Let the music waves carry all your anger with them.

Put on your headphones and play your favorite songs with volume up. Sing it along, dance with the rhythms and bid goodbye to your anger all at once in a style.


“Anger is like a boomerang, it will bounce back to you.”

Surely, anger is a normal emotion, until and unless it turns into aggression and doesn’t harm you or someone. Therefore, you need to be self-sustaining enough to control your emotions especially the anger.

Don’t worry! You are not alone in this task.

The Healing Studioz is there with you to tackle your worst situations so that you can enjoy your good ones.

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